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Just looking to help out

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The Grandparents, the Parents, the Kids and the Grandkids You: Welcome sir. Are you looking for anything in particular? Can I help you find anything? After weeks of this rejection, your employee gives up trying, says nothing, and retreats to the counter to text a friend. Searching for ways to convert more lookers into buyers? By offering to provide them with information about what they are Housewives looking real sex Lexington Kentucky 40511 for, it shows that you actually care about making the shopping process easier for them.

Learn to become a real sales person and this objection, complaint, excuse what ever you want to to call it will not be a factor. This will allow you to give your greeting and then move past them without blocking them. In most cases you can reach the back of your store within 15 seconds. Next time a customer says they are just looking, no need to feel gloomy and start cursing the stars for sending you customers who are not interested in buying.

Reaffirm you understand their situation and let uJst know you are available to help. We Women seeking fuck Shreveport a great collection of gifts that would be awesome for a five year old girl.

4 steps to deal with your “just looking” customer

You: I see. That the salesperson actually prompted the customer to deliver! You: Good morning sir, welcome to our store. Instead of walking away once the customer says they are just looking, responding with this question gets the conversation started. You meet a salesperson and they say what? Greet them as you go by with Good t.

10 brilliant responses to the customer who is ‘just looking’

Some clients might be interested in the product, but they might not have enough information about the product to know what features would suit them best. Customer: Great, thanks a lot.

You: Great! Sales people often have theirs scripts down pat and they are typically highly predictable?

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A customer who is interested in buying something, on the other hand, will most likely respond by telling you what exactly they are looking for, which creates a chance for you to engage with them more deeply and show them the different types of that product that you have in stock. Below is an example of how to use this tactic.

You: Fantastic. Use a timer and walk through your store. That negativity and lack of connection also opens the door to rudeness. You need to be friendly and genuine. The truth is most people are not interested in feeling pressured to buy something.

How do you respond to a customer saying "i'm just looking."?

Stop prompting your customer to say it in the first place. Check out these insightful blog posts by our sales recruiters that are packed with great sales strategies and advice:.

When they hear these words, most sales people leave the customer alone and retreat to their spot, which unfortunately means they are not going to make the sale. Lookijg you need any help? What Brings You In Today?

Great, my job is to find you the right product

Looking can be a huge draw to your customers and might contribute to them buying from you. The fact that they are looking means that they are interested in buying.

This question is another great way of getting the customer to start talking about what exactly they want without sounding pushy. Many customers are very wary of sales people.

The 5 shifts brick-and-mortar retailers are making to generate up to 20% higher profits every month

Some call it the decompression zone, some call it the threshold area—it should be called The Hell Zone. Customer: Yeah, sure. Read on.

Everyone has had a bad sales experience or two, and they want to avoid another if possible. I would also like a vehicle with good fuel consumption for city driving. Follow up with a non-threatening question. So, what features are you looking for?

If they say just Ladies looking sex McDaniels Kentucky say great I was hoping you needed sometime to look around because I don't have the time to help you right now anyways so take your time and I will get with you in a bit. Once they are ready to buy, they are also more likely to buy from you since they can lookimg get in touch with you.

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Customer: Okay, thanks. However, there is no need to get demoralized by oug phrase. Because shoppers answer these greetings over and over with a negative, employees feel dehumanized. How old is she? Brilliant, right?

This makes the customer more willing to engage with you and opens up an opportunity for you to get the customer more interested in your products and hopefully convince them to buy. The ones who were really just time wasters will leave within a few minutes because they don't Desert Hot Springs pleasure sex interest in anything, the person who is buying just didn't want you trying to sell them.